SMART Preparation for Ofsted

How to keep focused and ensure that the inspectors see the ‘real picture’ of your school.

Attending this inset will provide senior leaders with a clear overview of key pieces of
information they need to have readily to hand for when ‘the call’ comes. It will also provide them
with a series of templates and exemplars to enable them to summarise those key pieces of
information and make them ‘reader friendly’ for the Ofsted inspectors.

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Brief overview of the inspection process under the latest Framework [September 2015]

  • Similarities and differences in the inspection frameworks
  • The focus on reading, literacy, mathematics and Early Years
  • An in-depth look at the grade descriptor for each inspection judgement

Timeline – who needs to do what – and when!

  • Before the inspection
  • During the inspection
  • After the inspection


  • How to keep it under control…and do you really need one?
  • Creating a summary statement
  • Summary of key pieces of information needed
  • Attainment on entry
  • Progress of groups
  • Progress over time
  • Attainment over time
  • Parents’ views
  • Governors’ challenge, etc., etc.…

Delegates will receive templates and exemplars to help them to be ‘ready for Ofsted’

  • SEF summary
  • Whole school monitoring overview
  • Teaching monitoring formats
  • Summary improvement plans

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