Helping parents help their children to build confidence in the Early Years

The Pockitkit is a collection of activities that supports parents and their children aged 3-5 during their all-important years of development before starting school. When parents become concerned that their child may be falling behind in their development—problems with speech, coordination, following instructions, etc., the Pockitkit provides guidance and fun activities that will help the child develop skills and confidence where they may seem to be falling behind or need that extra boost of confidence.

The activities make use of resources readily available in the home or picture cards included with the kit.

Each or the 16 cards provides step-by-step descriptions of activities that can be used by any adult to help encourage and support the development of their child.

The Pockitkit makes it clear when parents should consult specialist professionals, such as health visitors, GP, speech and language therapists, etc., to deal with certain issues. Parents will have the confidence to discuss their child’s developmental issues, having carried out relevant activities.

Parents are also encouraged to work closely with their child’s nursery or reception teachers who may be following similar interventions using the Early Intervention Toolkit (Itkit).

Price: £9.99 (+ P&P).

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