Support packages for non-statutory SEN support

Services and prices:

Half day – light touch -school procedures, policies, compliance. Register analysis. Tracking pupil progress £275+ travel
Full day – in depth- policies, procedures, compliance, tracking pupil progress, Early identifying Barriers to learning, child profiling and interventions £440 + travel
Observation of a pupil and a short report £165 + travel
Half day of assessment with each pupil followed up by quick feedback to relevant staff and provision of written report with recommendations for planning and resources £275 + travel
Full-day observing, modelling, team teaching, providing resources and a detailed action plan for all staff £385 + travel
Meeting with parents to support the school and give strategies £165 + travel
Working with parents for two hours on behaviour strategies £220 + travel
Staff training twilight one school £165 + travel
Staff training one school half day £275 + travel
Staff training one school full day £440 + travel
Staff training partnership of schools £22 per person + travel

How to arrange SEN support:

Contact us using our online form.
Schools should outline the support they require and provide LTC with the name of the contact person and their email address. 
LTC will agree a date and time of support with the school. This information, with the name of person providing the support and he content of the support, will then be emailed to the school. 


Cherry Adamson: Specialism Dyslexia

After spending many years teaching in primary schools Cherry joined Gateshead’s SEN Services and began working with children who were experiencing difficulties in acquiring literacy skills. During that time she gained additional qualifications at Newcastle Polytechnic (Meeting Children’s Special Needs and Collaborative Practice). This was followed up with a qualification endorsed by Newcastle University (Specific Learning Difficulties).
In 1995 Cherry was appointed to set up Gateshead’s first Mainstream Support Base for children experiencing severe dyslexia. She was also SEN co-ordinator for the main school. At this time she gained an additional advanced qualification with the British Dyslexia Association. For over six years she enjoyed working with the children at the MSB and was proud of her achievements here.
In 2001 Cherry took up a post in Gateshead as a liaison teacher for specific learning difficulties. Her remit was to visit schools across the key stages to assess pupils thought to present within the dyslexic spectrum, to report on their strengths and weaknesses and to make recommendations to further their progress. In some cases she would provide teaching support from her own team of specialist teachers and assistants who would work under her guidance. She would liaise with parents, schools and specialist agencies, attend review meetings and provide in-depth progress reports. Her work also included provision of training for individual schools, the Learning Support Service and other agencies (e.g. NHS). She continued to update her own personal training with Dyslexia Action and the BDA and attended many conferences to develop her understanding of new research and promote the expertise of her team.
In 2008 Gateshead made a bid to be one of four pathfinding authorities to deliver the government’s IDP for Dyslexia. Cherry worked alongside Dyslexia Action’s principal trainer, facilitating training and providing ongoing reports and recommendations to Warwick University. She co-authored a “What Works Well” study on “Dyslexia and the Creative Curriculum.”
Cherry has expertise in developing services and resources for pupils with dyslexia and other developmental disorders. Now working freelance, she has authored a comprehensive learning programme for primary children that is designed to accelerate learning in reading, spelling and writing.
Cherry is always happy to provide advice to parents and teachers and continues to offer support with assessment and training.

Jean Thompson: Specialism SEND

Jean Thompson has had over twenty-five years teaching experience. She has taught both in mainstream primary schools and special schools and is an experienced Special Educational Needs Coordinator. Jean has also managed a specialist Language and Communication support unit within a mainstream primary school. Jean’s knowledge and expertise in Special Educational Needs spans across her successful career in Education and following her first role working for a Local authority as an Early Years Area SENCo, she is now a SEND and Inclusion consultant working for Gateshead Council. She has more recently taken on the additional role of Deputy Head of Gateshead’s Virtual School for Looked After children, supporting schools to provide the best opportunities for some of the most vulnerable pupils.
Jean is co-author of ‘Square Peg in a Round Hole,’ a teacher’s guide for the early identification and intervention for special educational needs and also of the more recent ‘ItKit,’ an early intervention toolkit for narrowing the gap in development in early years.
As an associate tutor with EdgeHill university, Jean currently delivers the training for the National award for SENCos, the masters level mandatory award for all SENCos in schools.
As a SEND consultant, Jean supports schools to improve their practice in meeting the needs of vulnerable pupils including those with special educational needs. She is able to support schools in developing and improving practice, e.g. being compliant with current legislation, reviewing and improving policies and procedures, e.g. SEND Registers, provision mapping, identifying barriers to learning, interventions, the local offer, SENCo and staff development and Inclusion.
Jean is able to offer support to SENCos and teachers and deliver specialist training in a range of Special educational needs, for example; Speech, Language and Communication, Dyspraxia, Behaviour, Early identification and intervention, SEND Code of Practice.

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