Support packages for EAL support and guidance

Services and prices:

*Half day – light touch -school procedures, policies, compliance. Register analysis. Tracking pupil progress £275+ travel
*Full day – in depth- policies, procedures, compliance, tracking pupil progress, Early identifying Barriers to learning, child profiling and interventions £440 + travel
*Observation of a pupil and a short report £165 + travel
*Half day of assessment with each pupil followed up by quick feedback to relevant staff and provision of written report with recommendations for planning and resources £275 + travel
*Full-day observing, modelling, team teaching, providing resources and a detailed action plan for all staff £385 + travel
*Meeting with parents to support the school and give strategies £165 + travel
*Working with parents for two hours on behaviour strategies £220 + travel
*Staff training twilight one school £165 + travel
*Staff training one school half day £275 + travel
*Staff training one school full day £440 + travel
*Staff training partnership of schools £22 per person + travel

How to arrange EAL support:

Contact Us using our online form.
Schools should outline the support they require and provide LTC with the name of the contact person and their e-mail address.
LTC will agree a date and time of support with the school. This information, with the name of person providing the support and the content of the support, will then be e-mailed to the school.
The school will be e-mailed an invoice after each support/observation/training/report writing session.


Veena Soni DL, BEM, BA Hons

English as an Additional Language and Equality and Diversity specialist

Veena Soni DL, BEM, BA Hons – English as an Additional Language and Equality and Diversity specialist
Veena has worked in education for over 30 years as a teacher, subject lead and Head of Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS). She has extensive experience in equality and diversity, raising achievement of Gypsy Roma and traveller (GRT) pupils and teaching English as an additional language (EAL) pupils.
She has worked in a large number of schools throughout the region and has extensive knowledge of strategies to use with young people who have English as an additional language. Veena has developed many resources for EAL and Traveller pupils which have been used in schools and other education institutions.
Veena has worked with parents and ran workshops and training sessions for parents so that they can understand the school curriculum, policies, procedures and strategies used in schools.
Veena’s expertise lies in a whole school approach to supporting ethnic minority pupils and believes that all teachers should have the knowledge and strategies to work with pupils who are at different stages of language acquisition.
She has delivered workshops to senior education leaders, the school leadership team, teachers and teaching assistants.

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