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An Introduction to the New Curriculum in Science

  • An overview of the new curriculum
  • Navigating a path – finding the threads (science models)
  • Finding the right approach – ensuring pupils are ‘secondary ready’
  • Putting it all together

Ten Steps to Working Scientifically

  • Developing the essential science skills to make pupils ‘secondary ready’
  • How to approach and conduct investigations in the primary classroom to build learning
  • Developing an enquiring classroom
  • Developing opportunities for investigation within the new curriculum

Using Assessment to Support Planning in Science

  • Requires ‘An Introduction to Science Assessment’ and/or ‘Assessing ‘Working Scientifically’ as prior training
  • An introduction to ‘dual objective planning’
  • Ensuring pitch, pace and progression
  • Mapping the curriculum for effective coverage

Leading Your Subject

  • The new curriculum and assessment – understanding what is expected and what is right for your school
  • Making pupils ‘secondary ready’ and supporting key pupil groups
  • Supporting and challenging your staff in school

Delivering Outstanding Lessons in Science

  • Linking teaching with learning
  • Creating the ‘wow factor’ in science
  • Ensuring every pupil makes progress

Building STEM into the Science Curriculum

  • Why is the national STEM agenda so important?
  • What does a STEM curriculum look like?
  • How can I develop STEM within my school?

Assessing ‘Working Scientifically’

  • ‘Developing Experiments’ using the Assessment Board©
  • Assessing progression in ‘Data, Tables and Graphs’
  • An introduction to dual objective planning

Outdoor Science – How Hard Can It be?

  • Supporting outside investigation and developing the school environment
  • Being safe and risk assessment
  • Building outdoor learning into the science curriculum

Supporting the Most Able in Science

  • Maintaining the pace of learning
  • Getting pupils to think deeper and more creatively
  • Acceleration, extension and enrichment

An Introduction to Science Assessment

  • Outstanding practice in science assessment
  • Introducing the Assessment Board©
  • ‘Explaining Science’ – Standardisation

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